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Friday, 01 August 2014


Ken Berwitz

You cannot make this stuff up.  Not even close.

Excerpted from Thomas Rose's article at

The UN's top human rights official again condemned Israel for its military actions to stop Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, accusing the Jewish state of “deliberately defying International Law... in a way that may constitute war crimes.”

Navi Pillay told reporters following yet another "emergency" meeting of the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council that Israel was not doing enough to protect civilians. "There is a strong possibility,” said the known Israel critic,"“that international law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes."

Among the UN’s long bill of particulars against the beleaguered Jewish state comes the almost unbelievable accusation that Israel’s refusal to share its Iron Dome ballistic missile defense shield with the "governing authority" of Gaza - i.e. Hamas, the terror group created to pursue the extermination of the Jewish state and now waging a terrorist war against it - constitutes a war crime against the civilians of Gaza.

The UN chairwoman criticized the U.S. for helping fund Israel's Iron Dome system which has saved countless Israeli and Palestinian lives. "No such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling," she said.

That is amazing.  Jaw-droppingly, effing amazing.

The United Nations, which has looked past tens of millions of genocidal killings around the world, done nothing about Rwanda, or Sudan, or Syria to name just three, has not done a thing about ISIS forcing Christians in Iraq to convert or die....

....but has instead condemned the state of Israel more times for more imbecilic non-reasons over the years than every other countries combined....

has now found another reason to do so. 

The newest reason?  Since hamas puts all its resources toward killing Israeli Jews, and nothing towards protecting its own civilians - no sirens, no bomb shelters, no defense system, no nothing - it is up to Israel to protect those civilians instead.

Like I said.  Jaw-droppingly, effing amazing.

No condemnation of hamas.  No condemnation of its charter, which specifically calls for all Jews to die.  No condemnation of it telling Gazans to stay right in Israel's line of fire, even when Israel warns them it is coming. Only condemnation of Israel...for the "crime" of effectively protecting its people against a terrorist organization.

I have often referred to the UN as Useless and Neutered.  Anyone still doubt why?

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Ken Berwitz

Yesterday I engaged in a very spirited argument with Barry Sinrod, my co-author for The Hopelessly Partisan Guide To American Politics". about whether or not voter fraud exists in the USA.

Barry insists it doesn't exist, and is just a ploy to suppress the minority vote.  I am 100% certain it does exist, and consider the claim about suppression of the Black vote a racist insult; a declaration that Black people are less capable of obtaining voter ID than non-Blacks.

I hope this excerpt from Heather Smith's article at clears things up a bit for Barry. 

When Fairfax County's election board in Virginia cross-referenced voter registrations with jury pools, they discovered more than 200 people registered to vote who had also declined to serve on a jury because of their non-citizen status.'s Virginia Bureau Chief Kenric Ward revealed on WMAL Radio in Washington, D.C. Thursday afternoon that after 4 years, the investigation into the alleged voter fraud has gone nowhere.

"The Eric Holder Justice department has told election officials around the country to be very careful about doing anything that would smack of voter suppression. What we have here is voter suppression because you have people who are voting and canceling out other people's votes. They shouldnt be on the voting rolls at all but they are voting and the prosecutor is letting them do it," Ward told WMAL.

There you have 200 people who have said in so many words they are not citizens, but have voted.....but, for four years, our disgrace of an Attorney General, eric holder, has refused to do a thing about it.

How many other instances of voter fraud have we not yet heard of - especially in states where no ID is required, therefore it is impossible to determine the number of illegal voters?  God only knows....but I have no doubt that it is a ton.  When there is an open door to play dirty in politics, you can bet that dirty will be played.  Early and often. 

I hope that clears things up for Barry...and anyone else who thinks like him.

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Ken Berwitz

Suppose I told you that President Obama doubled the stock market, created over 9 million new jobs, and if you don't like him anyway it shows you are a racist?

Given Mr. Obama's current approval numbers (which, according to, currently average 41.4% positive,  I'm pretty sure most people would not agree.  

But I am being told, via this clever little graphic from a hard-left, Obama-loving group called "Occupy Democrats", that it is all true:

Share if you agree the Republicans would declare a national holiday in his honor.

The Labor Department announced today that U.S. payrolls surged in April, with the jobless rate hitting a 5-1/2 year low of 6.3% after 288,000 jobs were added. The DOW closed at an all-time high on Tuesday.

Image by Occupy Democrats

Is it?

Well, I took Occupy Democrats up on its challenge to "Think about it...".  And, in my opinion, it is full of crap.

Let's start with the overriding issue of this graphic:  racism.  I dispute that disliking Barack Obama's economic performance equates to being racist - in no small part because I myself fit that category - I think he's doing a lousy job on the economy and, as anyone who reads this blog knows full well, I fiercely defend, and fight for, racial equality.  So, right from the start, Occupy Demcorats' statement is baloney.

Now let's consider the two points it makes which are supposed to make us all swoon over Barack Obama's brilliant success with the stock market and job creation:

-Yes, the stock market has doubled from 2009 to the present. Yes, Barack Obama has been President while it happened. But what, exactly did Barack Obama do to cause the stock market jump? Did it take place because of him or in spite of him? I can't answer that question any more than Occupy Democrats can.

The logical response to what I just posted is "well, he was President and it doubled. What's wrong with you that you don't give him credit for it - as you'd "credit" him if it went down?"   And that is a pretty response too - except for the fact that the exact same thing happened under Mr. Obama's predecessor, George Bush.

 In 2002, after 9/11 decimated markets worldwide, the Dow dropped to a low of 7,286,27. By 2008, Bush's last year in office, it had risen to an all-time high of 14,164.53 - just about double.  Do you recall anyone waxing poetic over Mr. Bush's brilliant success in the stock market?  Me neither.

-Regarding jobs, it's a funny thing:  to get to that 9 million-plus increase, Occupy Democrats starts its count in 2010...which eliminates Mr. Obama's entire first year in office.

To be fair, a usually-persuasive argument can be made that a new President's first year is really the previous President's last year, because the previous President's budget is in place until the fourth quarter (October 1st). 

But not 2009.  In 2009, unlike any other year I am aware of in my lifetime - maybe in US history - we did not have a signed budget from the outgoing President.  It was held up until Barack Obama could get his so-called "stimulus package" passed:  the one which put us over a trillion dollars in debt for that year and years thereafter.  George Bush did not sign off on the 2009 budget, Barack Obama did, on March 11th, 2009 - almost 2 months after Bush was out of office. And when he did, it was his budget, not Bush's.

When you add in the Obama - not Bush, but Obama - economy of 2009, suddenly job creation drops by more than half.  Now we're not at over 9 million new jobs, we're at a little over 4 million.


Then, let's add the facts that under Mr. Obama:

.  we are at the lowest job participation rate in 36 years (i.e. the lowest percentage of people even bothering to try and find jobs),

.  most of these vaunted new jobs are part time instead of full time,

.  and there are about 3 times as many additional people on food stamps since Mr. Obama took office as there are new jobs regardless of whether they are full or part time...

Now, what do you actually have?

It sure as excrement ain't a great economic success, is it?

Look, I am hardly surprised that this left wing, Obama-adoring group is going all out to sell you on how wonderful the most left wing President we have ever had is - and to try intimidating anyone who disagrees, with the "you're a racist" bugaboo.  But I thought it was important for you to understand that there is, to say the least, another way of looking at things.

I hope it has been helpful.

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Ken Berwitz

Today's quote comes to us from Retired Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters, and is extracted from his interview on last night's Sean Hannity show:

"The disdain for Israel among the Obamacrats is just visceral. And thank you Mr. President, you appear to have saved Hamas for at least the next 72 hours. How this administration can draw any moral equivalence to Israel - which wants to live in peace - and murderous Islamist thugs who use their own people as human shields, it's just stunning to me." 

Right on target, Colonel.  As usual.  That is why you win Quote Of The Day honors.

But not to worry:  the truce is already over.  Albeit for very different reasons, hamas did not want that truce any more than Israel did - and the Obama administration, which - incredibly - seems to struggle with who to root for in this conflict - looks ridiculous again.

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Ken Berwitz

The human cartoon called jesse ventura (I say "called" because his real name is james janos) won a court case this week, which he doggedly pursued against the widow of an American hero (the hero was tragically killed in a gun accident and the widow had nothing to do with ventura's grievance, but that did stop him for one second).

As I understand it, ventura will collect $1.8 million dollars -  $500,000 from an insurance company, and the remaining $1.3 million from the widow (I have no idea whether she has that kind of money).

If you want the particulars on this 'case', click here.  I decline to post them.

I hope ventura chokes on every dollar.

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Ken Berwitz

Well, that didn't take long.  The Israel/hamas "truce" is over.

How long did it last? Well, if the "truce" were a typical Yankee game (i.e. about 3 hours), the truce wouldn't have made it to the 7th inning stretch.

What has to be understood here is that hamas does not want peace.  hamas does not want its citizens safe.  And, other than when its offensive weapons are depleted, thus it needs time to re-stock, hamas does not want any truce.

The more dead Palestinian Arabs, the better for them.  Because dead Palestinian Arabs - women and children are the best for their purposes - the more the world will look at the relative body counts in Gaza and Israel, and conclude that Israelis rather than hamas terrorists are responsible.

That is why, unlike Israel, hamas does not provide warning sirens, or bomb shelters, why it makes a point of putting its launching sites at or near schools, hospitals and mosques, and why the basements of those places are almost always where the tunnels into Israel begin.

It is also why hamas tells its citizens to ignore Israel's warnings of where bombings will take place, insisting that they stay right where they are. 

Simply stated, the hamas strategy is, the more Palestinian Arab corpses, the better.  And, to a major extent it is working - even in countries that damn well know better and would recognize this for what it is if the ethnic makeup of Israel were different (yes, anti-Semitism doesn't hurt the hamas cause a bit either).

Israel's former Prime Minister, Golda Meir, famously said that "there will be peace when Arabs love their children more than they hate us."

Never was the wisdom of that statement more true.

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Thursday, 31 July 2014


Ken Berwitz

Anyone want to take bets on how long this is going to last? 

If you want the full 72 hours, I'm giving odds.

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Ken Berwitz

Here is a speech by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) about the Israel/hamas conflict, which was made on the floor of the senate this past July 25th.

Best 15 minutes you'll spend today:

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Ken Berwitz

In case you're wondering how the prime time cable news shows are's your answer.

Wednesday's ratings (in 000s):

5 pm

The Five 








6 pm









7 pm

Van Susteren 








8 pm









9 pm







Dr. Drew 


10 pm









11 pm














Any questions?

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