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Friday, 31 October 2014


Ken Berwitz

Today's quote - and it is as breathtakingly stupid a quote as we are going to see in this election campaign - comes to us from Louisiana's incumbent Democrat Senator, Mary Landrieu, who surely should have known better than to say it.

Ms. Landrieu is in the battle of her political life against Republican challenger Bill Cassidy.  Currently, most polls show her losing substantially - although if neither gets a majority of votes (a real possibility given the level of support for third-party candidate/Tea Party favorite Rob Maness), there will be a subsequent runoff on December 6th.

With these factors in mind - and knowing that, as a Democrat, she already has the vast majority of the Black vote sewn up - this, incredibly, is what Ms. Landrieu said in yesterday's interview with NBC's Chuck Todd:

"Let me be very, very honest with you.  The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It's been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.

"It has not always been a good place for women, to be able to present ourselves. It's more of a conservative place. So we've had to work a little bit harder on that. But, you know, the people trust me, I believe. Really, they do."

This statement looks like a test to see how many ways a candidate can alienate the voters Ms. Landrieu needs.  If it is, I assure you she gets an A+.

-Regarding Black people, there are only two possible benefits:  get a higher percentage of the vote or increase Black turnout.  Her comments do neither.  Percentage-wise, Ms. Landrieu is already sitting on over 90% of the vote.  Participation-wise, she is not going to boom up turnout by telling Black people that there is racism among White people in the south.  Does Ms. Landrieu think Black southerners do not already believe this; that she's letting them in on something?  

-Regarding White people - the folks she needs to win over - she has just told them that they are a bunch of racists and woman-haters.  Is that supposed to generate support for her candidacy?

There are many criteria for awarding Quote Of The Day honors.  Among them are consummate stupidity and political self-destruction.  Based on those criteria, Mary Landrieu wins, going away - going away being what comments like hers will probably result in after the election takes place.

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Ken Berwitz

"Who you vote for is your secret. But whether or not you vote is public record".

"We will be reviewing voting records . . . to determine whether you joined your neighbors who voted in 2014."

"If you do not vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not."

Do you find that language threatening?  I know I would if I received it from a political party's state committee.

Well, according to the New York Post, that is the language of a mailing sent by New York's Democratic State Committee to residents of Manhattan and Brooklyn - both heavily Democrat-voting, of course - to encourage/bully/scare them into going to the polls.

And, what is the rationale for sending this letter? 

This flier is part of the nationwide Democratic response to traditional Republican voter-suppression efforts, because Democrats believe our democracy works better when more people vote, not
less,” said Peter Kauffmann, a committee spokesman.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is they don’t want people to vote and we want everyone to vote.”

There you go.  We Democrats are the good guys.  Unlike Republicans, we want everyone to vote.  And that is why we are sending this letter exclusively to areas where an increased vote total will benefit Democrats.

There is only one reason that the Democrat State Committee has no problem sending out a scare-letter like this:  it is that they are secure in the expectation that mainstream media will not make a thing of it.  Not if Democrats are doing it. 

That is the power of media bias.  It opens the door to using ugly, abusive tactics which, if there were any serious concern that media other than right-leaning venues like the New York Post, maybe Fox News and a few others, were going to be talking about it, would never see the light of day.

And that is perfectly understandable.  Becaust, while it is true that CBS News - New York has a full article about it, neither NBC-New York nor ABC-New York has it on their web page.  And a search of google's first three pages shows no mention by  CBS, NBC or ABC's national news - or the New York Times or Washington Post or any of the other usual suspects.

Looking the other way when this happens is aiding and abetting it.  That's something the media venues I'm referring to apparently do not care about anymore.

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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Ken Berwitz

Tell me:  did you need a video to know that a hot looking babe, with big boobs and a tight sweater, who walks through New York and comes across groups of men, is going to hear comments that might relate to the fact that she's a hot looking babe with big boobs and a tight sweater?

Fact of the matter is, with maybe one or two exceptions, the only "catcalls" she got were guys good-naturedly acknowledging that she was hot looking...which she was - and which, of course, was why she was picked for the video. 

Who did you think they'd pick?  This year's winner of the Rosie O'Donnell lookalike contest?

I love the way media are trying to turn this into something more than the most predictable reaction in the world.

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Ken Berwitz

Today's quote comes to us from Zev Chafets, the American born Israeli official, author and political commentator.

As you may know, Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic has reported that, a senior Obama administration official called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a "chickenshit". (He also informed us that Netanyahu "has no guts", and that President Obama think he "has no political courage" - along with plenty more, which you can read about by clicking here.

Mr, Chafets, has an opinion about how he thinks Prime Minister Netanyahu sees President Obama and his administration.  It is as follows:

"After the American misreading of the Arab spring, the infamous Obama red-line in Syria, U.S. abandonment of Iraq, the chaos in Libya and the American failure to understand, let along contain, Islamic terrorism, this administration is not seen by Jerusalem as a font of wisdom. Nor is its sniping taken seriously."

That gets Quote Of The Day honors because, though I don't know if those are the specific words Prime Minister Netanyahu would use, I like the quote so much that I don't care.

Congratulations to you, Zev.  Neither you nor Mr. Netanyahu could have said it better.

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Ken Berwitz

Mary Burke is the Democrat candidate for Governor of Wisconsin - which makes her the holy grail on legs to Wisconsin's public sector unions, whose hatred of Republican incumbent Scott Walker makes snakes and mongooses look like they have a mild disagreement by comparison.

Until about a week ago, this was a close race, with polls showing the lead bouncing between Ms. Burke and Mr. Walker...until a couple of days ago, when the Marquette University poll, which had the two in a tie two weeks ago, showed Walker jumping to a 7% lead.

Assuming that poll is accurately showing a sudden, decisive move in Walker's favor, maybe this excerpt from M. D. Kittle's article at has something to do with it:

In attempting to explain her two-year work hiatus in the early to mid-1990s, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke has said she was just burned out after an intense period of leading European operations for Trek Bicycle Corp., her family's Waterloo-based global manufacturer.

In fact, Burke apparently was fired by her own family following steep overseas financial losses and plummeting morale among Burke's European sales staff, multiple former Trek executives and employees told Wisconsin Reporter.

The sales team threatened to quit if Burke was not removed from her position as director of European Operations, according to Gary Ellerman, who served as Trek's human resources director for 12 years. His account was confirmed by three other former employees.

It should be noted that Gary Ellerman is Chairperson of the Jefferson County Republican Party - which, of course, makes his account of things highly suspicious.  On the other hand, as seen in the above excerpt (and elsewhere in the article), Mr. Ellerman's account is corroborated by multiple other sources.

Funny; for some strange reason, Ms. Burke, while claiming her two year hiatus after heading European operations was because she was burned out and needed the time, somehow neglected to mention the part about being canned by her own family for the company's poor performance under her stewardship.

It is still possible that Scott Walker will lose this election to Mary Burke.  No one knows the final tally until there is a final tally.   But if this revelation is not a "last nail in the coffin" for her candidacy, I will be astonished.

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Ken Berwitz

Excerpted from Brian Preston's article at

An election integrity watchdog group is suing the state of Maryland, alleging that it has discovered massive and ongoing fraudulent voting by non-U.S. citizens in one county. But because of the way that the non-citizens are able to cast votes in elections, the fraud is likely happening in every single county and subdivision across the state. The group believes that the illegal voting has been happening for years.

The group, Virginia Voters Alliance, says that it compared how voters in Frederick County filled out jury duty statements compared with their voting records. The group's investigation found that thousands of people in Frederick County who stated that they are not U.S. citizens on jury duty forms went on to cast votes in elections. Either they failed to tell the truth when they were summoned for jury duty, or they cast illegal votes. Both are crimes. The same group previously found that about 40,000 people are registered to vote in both Virginia and Maryland.

Nonexistent voter fraud. There sure seems to be an epidemic of it.

But aren't we lucky we have our wonderful "neutral" media to report every instance of it.  I'll just bet it's all over the network news tonight.....

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Ken Berwitz

Suppose a Republican President had to deal with a deadly virus that was festering in Western Africa and might migrate to the USA.  And suppose he didn't have a clue how to do it. 

-The President might latch onto a lamer-than-lame excuse - like, for example, that there was no Surgeon General in office because Democrats objected to who he/she proposed for the position.  Of course, media would have come down hard on that, reminding viewers/readers/listeners that if the stakes were so high - if so many lives were potentially at stake - the President should have picked someone who would be acceptable, even if it weren't his first choice.

-The Republican President then might unilaterally select a "Czar" to take hold of the situation - someone who could immediately make a difference in the possibility of that virus hitting our shores.  But if he/she picked a political operative with no expertise whatsoever?  Of course, media would have come down hard on that, reminding viewers/readers/listeners that if the stakes were so high - if so many lives were potentially at stake - the President should have picked a respected medical professional - or, at minimum, some level of expertise - but that picking a political operative made no sense at all.

-And if he picked the political operative "Czar", and that "Czar" immediately disappeared, with no one able to find him doing anything significant?  Of course, media would have come down hard on that, reminding viewers/readers/listeners that if the stakes were so high - if so many lives were potentially at stake - the President should have picked someone who actually could do something to protect U.S. citizens from this deadly virus.

Well, we don't have a Republican President.  We have a Democrat President.  His name is Barack Obama.  And he did everything I posted above. 

The only thing missing - besides the "Czar", Ron Klain, who is harder to find than Waldo - is the part that starts "Of course, media would have come down hard on that".

Do these members of Barack Obama's Accomplice Media think they even have to bother pretending they are journalists anymore?

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Ken Berwitz

This morning, I watched most of the Today Show's first hour.

The very engaging, smiley-face folks who host Today had plenty of time for a major hit piece on Chris Christie, who reamed a heckler while speaking in Belmar New Jersey yesterday (nowhere was it mentioned that the heckler, who was intentionally blocking the camera, and trying to out-yell Christie - while the crowd was telling him to shut up - happened to be a Democrat and former officeholder in Asbury Park).

And they had plenty of time to tease us about the Halloween costumes they will be wearing on tomorrow's show.

But there was not one second to mention the midterm elections, which will directly affect the governance of this country for at least the next two years, and the fact that, as of now, polling data make Republicans heavy favorites to take over the Senate.

Nope, there are no midterm elections on the Today Show.  For the people (possibly millions of them) who rely on Today for their news, these elections don't even exist.

Media bias?  You tell me.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Ken Berwitz

Democrats keep telling us there is no fraud in our election system.  And we keep finding Democrats.

Here's an interesting little twist from Colorado, via the following excerpt from Greg Campell's article at

The Colorado secretary of state is investigating allegations that some Boulder County Republican election judges are actually Democrats in disguise.

Boulder County GOP Chairwoman Ellyn Hilliard initially raised the alarm when visiting polling locations where she didn't recognize some of the GOP judges who are tasked with comparing voter signatures on mail ballots to protect against vote fraud.

She became alarmed when she noticed some ballots whose signatures clearly didn't match those on file for the voter being accepted.

Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Staiert began investigating and confirmed to the Daily Camera that she found "some troubling inconsistencies with some election judges."

"One of them was a Democrat who had changed party affiliation on Oct. 10, so we are concerned that Boulder didn't follow the list, then resorted to advertising for these positions," she told the paper.

Is it true?  Did Democrat operatives see an opening and magically become "Republicans" who are willing to accept fraudulent ballots? 

Let's hope that Secretary of State Staiert a) is an honest broker of this issue who b) will make her determination as quickly as possible (i.e. by checking - IMMEDIATELY -  to see if a bunch of the "judges" in question are Democrats who suddenly changed parties to get in on the action).

Anyone who thinks voter fraud doesn't exist in this country needs a cerebrum transplant.

And that goes double for anyone who thinks that the party which fights to prevent checking for voter fraud doesn't benefit from it.

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Ken Berwitz

Do you know that a dozen or more U.S. soldiers, from among the 4,000 President Obama sent into harms way in West Africa, are currently in quarantine.

But not in the United States.  In Italy.

Can't believe your eyes?  Think I'm kidding?  Read this and see for yourself.

Did you also know that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has just announced that there will be quarantining all of the soldiers sent into Ebola Central - even as President Obama demands that nobody be quarantined stateside?

Can't believe that one either?  I don't blame you.  But here it is anyway.

Is it possible (make that, make that virtually certain) that the reason the first wave of soldiers has been shipped to Italy is so that, during this week before the elections, the U.S. public is as unaware as possible that such quarantines are taking place - because it just might make them even more outraged that these troops were sent in the first place?

Over two more years until this nightmare ends.  I hope we survive until then. 

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