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Saturday, 28 November 2015


Ken Berwitz

The group you will read about below is "satirical".   At least as of now.

Excerpted from Pardes Seleh's article at

The Black Lives Matter movement at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is officially being challenged by a new rival campus group, the UCSB White Student Union (WSU).

In response to a series of "black-out" demonstrations last week at UCSB and college campuses nationwide calling for "solidarity with Mizzou" black students, the UCSB WSU decided to form its own antithetical "White Student Walk Outcalling for "solidarity" with white students.

"Join us as we walk out of our classes at 12:30 PM to show solidarity for our brothers and sisters of European descent," the Walk Out event description reads. "We will march out (preferably chanting something inspiring on the way out) and meet outside of the UCSB MultiCultural Center where we will respectfully voice our complaints. We ask that only self-identified white students and allies join us."

A growth of students have been supporting the satirical WSU movement, as evident by the exponential growth of WSU clubs on college campuses over the past couple of days. Students are demonstrating, using parody in the form of a white student club, how divisive the black separatist movement really is.

Right now, what you just read is nothing more than a goof on the part of some college students.  

But, as #blacklivesmatter and its pals take over school after school, demanding segregation (yes, segregation), exemption from punishment for anything they do that would get other students suspended or expelled, maybe prosecuted, and refusingto allow media coverage unless it is guaranteed to be favorable.... there any doubt that real groups which are serious about White rights pop up.

The #blacklivesmatter racists may not like this, but ALL lives really do matter.  And when college after college knuckles under to their "Blacks count more than anyone else" demands, non-Blacks are eventually going to make themselves heard.

Do you need me to tell you this ugly racial separatism is disastrous, and must be stopped?

It would be nice if someone in government - say, our President or the leading Democrat presidential candidate - stood up, condemned the racism and hatred, and demanded that all people be treated the same.

When do you figure that will happen?

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Ken Berwitz

Lawyers for McDonald's family, who won a $5 million settlement from the city even before filing a lawsuit, have said none of the other officers at the scene fired a shot, according to city officials.

What you just read is the 58th paragraph of a 60 paragraph article in the Chicago Tribune about Laquan McDonald, the 17 year old Black male who was shot and killed last year by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke.

McDonald (according to the autopsy) was high on PCP.  He had just damaged a number of cars, slashed a police car's tire, and was running (not walking) down the middle of the street wielding a knife.  

Officer Van Dyke shot and wounded him.  While McDonald was on the ground, writhng, and apparently immobilized, Van Dyke then shot him over a dozen more times, killing him --- and was stopped from reloading, possibly so he could shoot him some more.

That the release of a dashboard cam video of this shooting/killing was long overdue, is an understatement.  The incident took place a year ago (while Mayor Rahm Emanuel was locked in a re-election battle, let's not forget).  

And, given the circumstances caught on that video, Van Dyke should have been charged with murder at that time (this is not to say he is guilty - though the evidence is obviously very strong against him - but to say that his day in court is way overdue).

Now, explain to me why the family of this drug-addled, lawbreaking miscreant was handed $5 million dollars by the city of Chicago.

There has not even been a trial yet. What if information comes to light that exonerates Officer Van Dyke (who claims McDonald, in addition to the knife we see in the video, was reaching in his waistband - maybe for a gun)?  Why would the family of get a penny then?

It's not like Laquan McDonald was a model citizen.  According to an article in the Tribune three days ago - a very sympathetic one - McDonald, who had a horrible upbringing, "racked up numerous juvenile arrests and spent time in juvenile lockup".  So let's not discount the possibility that there's more to the story.

This reeks to high heaven.  The stench is one of Chicago politics:  withhold the tapes and pay Laquan McDonald's family a fortune, to keep their mouths shut until after the election.

Do I know this happened?  No I do not.  But it certainly looks/smells that way.

And where does the Chicago Tribune tell us about the $5 million dollar payoff?

At the very bottom of a long article where most people won't even read it, that's where.

Shame on the Chicago Tribune.....and far more shame on Rahm Emanuel if he is involved in this pre-emptive enriching of Laquan McDonald's family.

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Ken Berwitz

Is Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at least tacitly supporting ISIS - not because he loves the group, but because he sees it as the lesser of two evils for his own purposes?

Michael Burleigh of London's Daily Mail thinks this might be the case.  And he presents a compelling argument in his latest commentary - excerpts of which I am posting below:

The clash between Russia's Vladimir Putin and Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after Turkish F-16s shot down a Russian fighter, is one which has set the entire world on edge as diplomats desperately work overtime to reduce the tension.

Putin is not blameless in this affair. His air force has been probing Western air spaces provocatively in a number of different locations in recent months. But was the Russian president right, after the downing of the jet, to accuse 'back-stabbing' Turkey of being the accomplices of ISIS terrorists?

And was there any truth in Putin's accusation yesterday - made just as Moscow was expelling 39 Turkish businessmen attending a conference in Russia - that Turkey is propping up ISIS by buying oil from them?

This latest claim inevitably prompted a furious response from Erdogan, who accused Putin of slander. But the fact is that Erdogan's regime has on many occasions turned a blind eye to ISIS activity in Turkey, as well as to Turkish businessmen and smugglers doing trade deals with the jihadist butchers.

To be fair, on the surface, Turkey's president is fully involved in the fight against ISIS. In October he allowed U.S. jets to use Turkey's Incirlik air base for operations against ISIS, pledging that his forces, too, would join the fight.

But the truth is that Turkey's planes have aimed their missiles almost exclusively at the one army which poses a real threat to ISIS, and has won countless battlefield victories against them - the Kurdish PKK forces inside Syria. 

The trouble is that Erdogan, who has spent years ruthlessly concentrating power into his own hands, considers the Kurds an even greater threat to his nation than ISIS.

This is a mess.  And a potentially disastrous one for what passes for world peace these days.

In Russia we have a KGB-trained thug who relishes opportunities to use his country's military might.  One who, through a combination of bullying and deft gunboat diplomacy has, to much of the world, become the strongest player on the international scene - certainly stronger than what many of us see as a feckless, spineless United States President.

In Turkey, we have a hardline Islamist who has taken what once was a shining light of the Muslim word - almost a century of democracy and tolerance - and regressed it to an intolerant, increasingly fundamentalist state (much to the delight of enough Turkish people to make me wonder if, under the surface, it always was that way).

The good news:  it is not inevitable that there will be a military clash between these two countries.  

The bad news:  it is a serious likelihood.  Neither Putin nor Erdogan are about to back down - at least not as of now.

So what we have to hope for is that one or both of two very bad people, each spoiling for a showdown, decide that peace is more important than their personal egos and what they view as national honor.

Keep your fingers crossed.  This could go either way.

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Ken Berwitz

Three dead, nine wounded, and a suspect (in technical terms only - he is clearly the shooter) in custody.

Why did he do it?  We don't know his motives for sure yet, but it is pretty certain they related to Planned Parenthood - whether against the organization itself, one or more people in it, or someone he knew who was there at the time.

I'll hold off judgment on the why of things until more information is obtained.  But whatever his reasons, we are dealing with a sick lunatic.

To be continued.

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Friday, 27 November 2015


Ken Berwitz

Congratulations are in order.

As I type this, Chicago's "Magnificent Mile" - the city's major shopping street - is virtually closed on one of the busiest sales days of the year, because thousands of protesters, led by Jesse Jackson, have shut it down, demanding "Justice for Laquan".

What this will do to get "Justice for Laquan (McDonald)"?  Nothing.  

What it will to to exasperate and infuriate untold numbers of Black and White shoppers trying to take advantage of today's sales? Plenty.

What it will do to hurt the stores, maybe cause some layoffs of employees - again, both Black and White?  Plenty.

What it will do to harden and polarize people's racial attitudes while heightening the already-high outrage based on skin color?  That is likely to be the greatest "accomplishment" of all.

Way to go, Jesse.  Mission accomplished.

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Ken Berwitz

From ABC News' Philadelphia affiliate we have this (in its entirety; too short to excerpt):

A homeless veteran, beaten at a gas station in the Olney section of Philadelphia nearly eight months ago, has died.

The incident at the Sunoco in the 5500 block of North 5th Street was captured by a surveillance camera on April 7th.

The video shows 51-year-old Robert Barnes being pummeled by teens with a hammer, a piece of wood and punches, after police say a 10-year-old boy told his mother he got into an argument with Barnes.

The attack left Barnes in a coma.

The boy's mother, 34-year-old Aleathea Gillard, has been charged in the case, along with 24-year-old Shareena Joachim.

Three juveniles were also arrested and charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, simple assault and related offenses.

Police say those charges could be upgraded to murder after the district attorney returns from the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you want to see a video from the gas station's surveillance camera, click here. Warning: it is graphic, and depraved.

The video appears to be definitive in what it shows:  a mob - 6 for sure, possibly a 7th - running at the victim, Robert Barnes, and beating him with a hammer, an object described as a piece of wood, along with punching and kicking him while he is helpless on the ground.  The reason, we are told, is because he argued with a 10 year old boy.

Mr. Barnes spent over 7 months in a coma before dying, was White.  The attackers were Black.  

In that time, there was not, so far as I am aware, one protest march.  And now that he has died, I don't expect one either.  

But I do expect that, if such a march were to take place, and if marchers chanted "White Lives Matter" while refusing to say that "All Lives Matter", they would immediately be called racists.

And, if I am right, what does this tell you about race relations in this country.  What does it tell you about #blacklivesmatter?  And how do you feel about it?

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Ken Berwitz

As I suspect you know, Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane this week.  

Turkey claims that the Russian plane was in its air space long enough to receive repeated warnings, before shots were fired.

Russia claims that it its plane either was never in Turkish air space or was there, accidentally, for just a tiny bit of time, and that there were no warnings.

I don't know who is telling the truth here.  I wonder if anyone does, or can.

But I do know that, for very different reasons, these are two bad players.

-Russia, under Putin, has become an over-aggressive bully, with no compunction about taking land it has decided it owns (ask the Ukrainians).  It also has superseded the United States as major power broker in the Middle East (thank you, Mr. "Lead From Behind").

-Turkey used to be a very pleasant anomaly - a Muslim democracy (there are barely any) and a country which practiced tolerance to non-religionists, including Jews, even Israeli Jews (almost unheard of in Muslim countries).  But under recep tayyip erdogan - who was just re-elected by a wide margin, it is well along the road to becoming none of those desirable things.

In any event, the situation between Russia and Turkey is rapidly deteriorating.  

Now Russia is accusing Turkey of buying black market oil from ISIS (under erdogan, this wouldn't surprise me), and has, among other punishments, suspended visa-free travel between the two countries.  

Russia is also in the process of imlementing major economic retribution - as seen from the following excerpt of an Associated Press article, via

On Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered his government to also draft sanctions against Turkey within two days in response to what he described as an "act of aggression against our country."

The sanctions will include "restrictions and bans on Turkish economic structures operating in Russian territory, restrictions and bans on deliveries of products, including foodstuffs," as well as on labor and services.

The steps threaten billions of dollars of trade, as well as further complicating the Syrian conflict.

Russia is the largest destination for Turkey's exports, and the two countries are bound by plans for a new gas pipeline and strong trade in food and tourism.

How serious is Russia about this?  It has even started importing tomatoes from Israel, instead of Turkey.  This may not sound like a big deal to you, but given that erdogan hates Israel with a passion, it is a major humiliation.

Now:  what, if anything, does Turkey do to Russia, and where does it go from there?

With Putin running the show, that is an extremely troubling question.  Especially since people who go up against him sometimes have an unusually high mortality rate.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that these two can somehow resolve their differences without violence.  Because the chance that there will be violence is very much in play.

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Ken Berwitz

Today's paragraphs come to us from one of the top-tier columnists this country has produced, Mona Charen (whom I do not quote often enough in this blog....I'll try to make up for it in the future).  They are from her November 13th commentary in which she discussed the insanity currently pervading so many of our colleges and universities. The bold print is mine:

The truth is that universities are and always have been ripe environments for absolutism. Students -- brimming with self-righteousness, unaware of how easily violence can spread, stimulated by the scent of blood in the water -- have provided the shock troops for most totalitarian movements.

During what liberal academics praised as the "idealistic" 1960s, American students (sometimes armed) seized buildings, held a dean hostage, looted research files and committed promiscuous vandalism. Nazi students (egged on by professors) "cleansed" Heidelberg and other universities of Jews and others. Russian universities became incubators for radicals who took their ideas into the streets. During the Cultural Revolution, Mao's faithful pupils subjected their teachers to "re-education" and even occasionally cannibalized them.

Students are natural radicals. The job of academics in a free society that hopes to remain so is to instill respect for freedom of thought and expression. Our problem is that many of the students who were burning professors' research notes in the 1960s are now on the faculty.

Mona Charen wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for her excellent analysis of why this is happening....and, by implication, why it is almost guaranteed to continue happening in the forseeable future.

My congratulations to you Ms. Charen.  And let me say how deeply I regret that you are so spot-on correct.

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Ken Berwitz

Excerpted from Richard Pollock's article at

While the United States and Europe argue over how many Syrian refugees to allow in, the richest Persian Gulf states have accepted exactly zero.

The Muslim countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council that include Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates steadfastly refuse to accept any Syrian refugees. Amnesty International, USA (AIUSA) tells The Daily Caller News Foundation they have not accepted a single refugee since the armed Syrian conflict erupted years ago.

“The Gulf States have accepted zero refugees registered with the United Nations and administered through the U.N. resettlement program. They have accepted zero,” Geoffrey Mock, the Syrian country coordinator for AIUSA, tells TheDCNF.

And in case you think this is just some random anomaly, please be aware that none of these countries will accept Palestinian Arabs who want to emigrate there and become citizens either.

These facts are worth remembering when you hear complaints that the west does not care about the plight of Arab Muslims.  

Would it be fair to say that few people care less about the plight of Arab Muslims than other Arab Muslims?

You tell me.

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Ken Berwitz

Serge Kovaleski is a long-time journalist, currently working for the New York Times.  Mr. Kovaleski has a condition called arthrogryopsis, the symptoms of which include physical deformity, and involuntary, "jerky" movements of his hands, arms and overall body.

Donald Trump did not like something that Kovaleski wrote.  It had to do with an apparent about-face regarding whether there were Muslims celebrating 9/11 (his original piece, in 2001, suggested there were).  

So Trump decided to stand in front of an audience and do a genuinely disgusting "imitation" of the way Mr. Kovaleski's condition causes his body to move.

Did I say disgusting?  It was more than disgusting.  I'll let you know when they invent the right word for it.
Here is a still picture of Serge Kovaleski, and Trump "imitating" him:

trump reporter

And here it is on video, as shown during MSNBC's Morning Joe show, complete with Joe Scarborough laughing as he does it (which Scarborough damn well ought to be ashamed of).
But now, after putting on this sick display right in front of our faces, Trump claims he never did any such thing, he doesn't know the journalist, and that he is owed an apology. 
Trump is telling us we did not see what we saw with our own eyes. That we are all a bunch of complete idiots.

His exact words:

"Serge Kovaleski must think a lot of himself if he thinks I remember him from decades ago - if I ever met him at all, which I doubt I did.  He should stop using his disability to grandstand and get back to reporting for a paper that is rapidly going down the tubes."

I don't care how many things Donald Trump has said that some people like to hear.  Is this the kind of man you would want anywhere near the White House? This thin-skinned, classless barroom loudmouth?

I know I don't.  And I would never vote for him.  Not even against Hillary Clinton.

Please, Republicans, don't make me prove that I mean what just wrote.

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