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Wednesday, 06 August 2014


Ken Berwitz

How do you feel about hysteria?  Here's your chance to find out, via Maureen Dowd's hysterical column detailing what crazies the Republican Party consists of for pushing impeachment against Barack Obama....which, as you probably know (unless you get all your information from the Dowd set), the Republican Party is not doing.

Ms. Dowd, who appears desperate to find some way of avoiding what, as it now stands, is an oncoming Republican wave election, has latched on to the straw-man premise that the party is chafing at the bit to impeach Mr. Obama - which John Boehner, who is Speaker of the House in the one branch of congress controlled by Republicans, has stated definitively will not happen.

So what is Dowd talking about?  Excellent question.

Here is part of her screed, in rust, with my comments in blue:

In the absurdist capital we live in, it would be good for all sides - in ways you may not have considered.

President Obama's threat to bypass obstinate Republican lawmakers and pass legislation with executive actions - "I've got a pen and I've got a phone" - may have seemed a bit of a wimpy cop-out in January. Republicans didn't see it as wimpy, they saw it as his threat to continue ignoring the constitution.  Nice try, though.

He defies the Republicans and shoots the moon on an executive order, giving backdoor amnesty to millions of undocumented Hispanic immigrants as well as all those suffering kids on the border who are afraid to live in their own violent countries.

The Republicans go absolutely nuts and realize that their lawsuit, the mini-me of impeachment, will not suffice. They hesitate to go as far as a Swiftian solution, selling the children to rich people as food. So they race back into session and try the president for the high crime and misdemeanor of abusing his power. Uh...impeachment?  When did that happen?  Last I heard, Boehner said no impeachment and there is no uprising to overturn his decision. 

It gives the party, which is ripping itself apart y'mean not marching in lock-step like your beloved Democrats? trying to figure out what it stands for, a clear identity: You can count on Republicans to always impeach Democratic presidents in their second terms. G.O.P. will become short for Gratuitously Ousting Presidents.  Uh...other than one time - Clinton - when did Republicans impeach a Democrat President?  This is hysteria personified.

They won't be able to win the White House ever again after alienating every Hispanic in the country, but they can bask in presidentus interruptus.  They'll never win again because "every Hispanic" in the country thinks the way you do?  That is an overt stereotype, Maureen - the kind you'd attack any Republican for making...and would be right to.  Tell us:  do you think all Irish are drunks, all Black people eat watermelon and all Italians are in the mafia too?

Republicans could finally take on Obama to a degree that would make their crazed base happy - or as happy as this begrudging, seething crowd and their mindless, malcontent queen, Sarah Palin, are capable of being.  Ok, that's enough.  I stop at crazed, begrudging, seething and the personal attacks on Ms. Palin. I don't know how to break this to you, Maureen, but on a bad day, Sarah Palin makes more sense than you are making in this column.

That hysterical enough for you?  

Either that or lock the liquor cabinet again.  Maureen is off the wagon.

Are the Maureen Dowds of the world worried about this election, or what?

Hopelessly Partisan @ 13:28 PM   Add Comment

free` Ken, from you blog before this one it seems to me the R's should be worried. ----------- Democrats in Congress ....... 31%/46% -15% -------- Republicans in Congress ..... 19%/54% -35% (08/06/14)

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