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Thursday, 07 August 2014


Ken Berwitz

Today's quote comes to us from Joy-Ann Reid, the hard-left host of a show on (where else?) MSNBC.  It concerns Ms. Reid's view of the Israel/hamas conflict - specifically, of the number of Gazans killed and who she believes they are:

"So far the war in Gaza has left more than 1,800 Palestinians dead. The population equivalent to 100 9/11s, mostly civilians, and including women and hundreds of children along with 67 Israelis, mostly soldiers,"

That's pretty damning stuff.  100 9/11's, and mostly civilians, while Israel only loses soldiers. Those dirty Jew brutes!


here's what Ms. Reid left out.

-The first thing, of course, is that Israel was not attacking, it was reacting to being attacked.

-The next, of course, is that hamas has a nasty little habit of intentionally firing its missiles, rockets, etc. from schools, mosques, etc....and also of storing them in those places (which, when the UN finds them, as they have in at least two schools so far, they are nice enough to hand right back to the terrorists for use against Israel. What humanitarians!).

-Then we have the math.  Reid tells us that the 1,800 dead Gazans equates to 100 9/11's.  Since about 3,000 people died in the 9/11 attack, that would come to 300,000.  But 100 times 1,800 is 180,000, not 300,000.  Oh well, what's 120,000 other people between friends?

That said, I have to admit I like this "population equivalent"  point - I really do.  So I think I'm going to use it as well.

According to the IDF, since Israel withdrew from Gaza, handing 100% of the land to Palestinian Arabs, over 11,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel.  But let's just talk about this year, during which 450 rockets were fired before Israel decided to do something about it. 

The USA has a population of about 320 million people. Israel has a population of about 8 million.  That's a 40 to 1 ratio. 

Using the Joy-Ann Reid formula, those 450 rockets, just barely into July (call it a half-year), is the equivalent of 18,000* rockets fired into the United States.

What to do you think, Ms. Reid?  Do you think the United States would wait through 18,000 rocket attacks from a terrorist group on its border, with a charter calling for the USA's destruction and the death of all its citizens ( the equivalent of what the hamas charter says about Israel and its Jews) before doing something significant about it? 

Well, using your "population equivalent" formula, that is what Israel did. 

So who is your problem with?  Israel of course.

I award Joy-Ann Reid Quote Of The Day honors for making a statement that is so wrong, on so many levels, that it may well set the all-time cable news show record.

Congratulations on your win, Joy-Ann.  And even greater congratulations to cable news viewers in general, for being smart enough to pretty much stay away from Ms. Reid's show in droves.


*I originally wrote this as 9,000.  Actually, though, at 18,000 it is twice as bad. 

Hopelessly Partisan @ 12:41 PM   Add Comment

free` Ken, something else you may want to add, hamas counts anyone under 18 as a child. So even the child death counts don't reflect what actual damage is caused to civilians. hamas uses children as young as14 as soldiers. (08/07/14)

free` Ken, You know what they say when you assume, but, in this case you assume correctly. :) (08/10/14)

Ken Berwitz free - I assume you find it as fascinating...and I do that the hamas-generated information on body counts, among other things, is simply passed along as fact: terrorists as truth-tellers. (08/08/14)

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